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Both Splash ON and Splash B.C. feel a close connection and responsibility to give back to the community through fundraising events, annual donation days and pass donations.

Splash Water Parks has donated over $26,000 to various charity foundations such as The Seasons Center for Grieving Children, MADD, KGH pediatrics wing, Paws it Forward, and many more. Splash has also provided $40,000 in pass donations to local non-profit organizations and events.

By striving to be strong community partners, Splash ON and Splash B.C. believe we can further expand our positive influence beyond our water parks, creating a continuous and lasting beneficial impact to the communities we are a part of.

A young boy swimming in the water

Community Involvement

Splash On believes strongly in community, donating a large number of passes yearly to different non-profit groups/fundraisers (Barrie Women & Children Shelter, MADD, Deaf Access, Local School fundraisers, Superstars to Superheroes, Hank’s Haven, RVH, Golf Fore ALS and more).

We also organize an annual all proceeds day at each location, where proceeds of an advertised day are donated back to the community, to a local charity. 2017, we selected an incredible organization called Season’s Centre for Grieving Children. 2018, we selected Finding Them Homes Dog Rescue and Hank’s Haven, along with providing money to the organization we helped to facilitate adoptions and raise awareness.

I am extremely proud that Splash On was able to donate over $7,200 to support local charities within our first two years of business.