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How We Help Our Neighbors

Company Overview

Splash On launched in Ontario in 2017, the first location being at Centennial Beach in the heart of downtown Barrie.

The company has quickly become a very popular summer attraction, proving to be an innovative way for locals and tourists to enjoy water activity. Focusing on creating an additional way all ages can enjoy Ontario’s beautiful waterfront and experience water recreation in a healthy, affordable, fun and environmentally safe way.

Our success has allowed us to continue expanding, with six family owned and operated park locations across Canada, we have established the lead in the Canadian Inflatable Water Park Industry:

  • Kelowna 2014 – (Splash B.C.)
  • Penticton 2015 – (Splash B.C.)
  • Peachland 2017 – (Splash B.C.)
  • Barrie 2017 – (Splash ON)
  • Orillia 2018 – (Splash ON)
  • Osoyoos 2019 – (Splash B.C.)

Splash On stepped away from the traditional meaning of the term water park and focused on creating a unique way to compete in a conventional industry. Using temporary inflatable equipment, changing park configurations each year and being interestingly different from the norm has allowed us to stand out from competitors.

Splash On Water Parks are giant 100 – 180 person floating playgrounds, boasting climbing walls, monkey bars, slides, trampolines and more, the concept itself is unique. Splash On takes great pride in pushing customers out of their comfort zone and creating memorable high-light of the summer experiences of fun and laughter.

Splash On has proven the unique concept of a floating water park to be an extremely popular attraction, providing recreational and entertaining experiences to over 45,000 customers within our first two years of Ontario operations.

Splash On has proven to attract customers from surrounding areas benefiting the Barrie and Orillia economies and confirming our claim of becoming an important recreation and entertainment offering to residents and tourists. Splash On has improves the allure of the beaches on which we are located on, by adding an element of surprise and adventure. Splash On has proven to support vibrancy and waterfront enhancement, adding additional life and laugher to the waterfront.

Kids playing all over the waterpark
A group of kids sitting on the water structure
Kids running through a waterfall on the structure
A young boy swimming in the water

Community Involvement

Splash On believes strongly in community, donating a large number of passes yearly to different non-profit groups/fundraisers (Barrie Women & Children Shelter, MADD, Deaf Access, Local School fundraisers, Superstars to Superheroes, Hank’s Haven, RVH, Golf Fore ALS and more).

We also organize an annual all proceeds day at each location, where proceeds of an advertised day are donated back to the community, to a local charity. 2017, we selected an incredible organization called Season’s Centre for Grieving Children. 2018, we selected Finding Them Homes Dog Rescue and Hank’s Haven, along with providing money to the organization we helped to facilitate adoptions and raise awareness.

I am extremely proud that Splash On was able to donate over $7,200 to support local charities within our first two years of business.